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Get ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP worth rupees 2499/- and order every Invitation Available in store in rupees  500/- only.

From Any Category

( Wedding, Engagement, Anniversary, Birthday, Home Inauguration, Save the Date, Baby Shower, Bhajan Sandhya ) 

The validity of this offer will be for One year, you can order as Many Invitations as many you want. every invitation will cost 500/- only.

It Means If you make only 3 Invitations from us, your Membership cost will get return to you & after that every single invitation from our Website or page will cost 500/- for you.

For Example: if make only 3 Invitation worth rupees 1500/-

and paid 500/- each for it, Total = 1500/-

So You paid 2500 (for Membership) & 1500/- for 3 invitations Total 4000/-

& Got 3 invitations worth rupees 1500/- each so you got 4500/- rupee product

and now you can order more invitations in same price which is 500/- only, for whole year.




1. Only text, Music and Photos can be changed, we don't make changes in design in any manner. 

2. In this offer We make Invitations in English only. (For Hindi in some invitations it will cost 200/- extra)

3. Details should be given in Text format to avoid any type of mistakes. 
We don't accept data as a card, Patrika or written over paper.

4. Two time corrections will be free from our side but after that every time you make changes it will cost  ₹100/- extra, which you have to pay with the corrections.

5. Once you take the membership you don't have to pay advance Payment to place your order. But you have to pay the final amount before the final video (without preview watermark video)

6. Once the draft video is sent and after that if you change the theme it will cost 50% for the previous invitation.

7. We deliver invitations within 1-2 working days (Max Time) but some time it can take a little longer depending upon the workload.


Still you have any query please do let us know.

Call or WhatsApp us on 9111116383. 


You can cancel your Membership anytime just by texting us.

* If you see that this membership is not for you, so you can cancel it anytime.

For example: you have made 2 invitations worth rupees 1000/- each and paid 500/- each for that and now you want to cancel the membership.
So in total you paid 2500+1000= 3500
And received only 2000/- worth invitations, so the remaining amount will be paid to you which is 3500-2000=1500/- and your membership will be cancelled.

and if you haven't order anything and want to cancel the Membership so your full payment for Membership will be returned to you.

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